DIY Terrarium

This is a fun project I did with my son last weekend. If you’re interested in testing out your green thumb, but don’t have the space to do so, a DIY terrarium is a great option. These mini tabletop gardens are fun to create and are a great way to perk up your indoor space.

In addition to being enjoyable and decorative, terrariums are also easy to care for and simply beautiful. It’s a DIY win-win. Whether you’re looking for a decor element to bring the outdoors in or a unique gift idea, consider making a DIY terrarium.

OPTIONAL MATERIALS:Terrarium Materials

  • Glass of any size
  • Dirt
  • Rocks
  • Sand (using colored sand will add a decorative touch and is a fun sensory exercise)
  • Decorations (shells, bark)
  • Moss
  • Small Plant


  1. Grab the Glass item that you will be using for your terrarium. It can simply be a small glass cup, or be as big as a fish bowl, just plan for your plant of choice to fit inside it.Pour sand around edge of Terrarium
  2. Place approximately an inch layer of rocks on the bottom of your terrarium.
  3. Add a layer of dirt, and gently pat down.
  4. Add a layer of sand and other desired decorations around the edge of the glass. We found it is easiest to cut the edge of the sand bag, and then pour the sand around the edge as it slowly comes out of the bag.
  5. Add a second layer of dirt and pat down gently.
  6. Add second layer of sand and desired decorations around the edge of your glass.
  7. Add more dirt and gently pat down.
  8. Make a hole for desired plants.
  9. Put moss around plant.


    • Depending on your plant you will want to water every wPut plant in middle of Terrariumeek.
    • Do not over water your plant, the goal is to have moist soil.


Enjoy, and have fun!




  • Robbi Sanchez

    I love this idea and Ian looks like he had fun. I’m going to try my own now. Thanks

  • Robbi Sanchez

    I tried my own, but Ian’s was much better. When is the next fun idea or Holiday idea? Love reading it keeps me inspiration.

    Robbi Sanchez