Swimming In The Ocean

surf family

Many kids with Autism have trouble absorbing nutrients and and are low in essential vitamins and minerals. They often have weak immune systems. My son is severely immune deficient and going to the beach in the summertime, where he can wade and swim in the water while absorbing much needed nutrients through his skin is a great immune system booster. The beach is also great for getting vitamin D.  (Of course we have him wear sunscreen and a rash guard to avoid sunburn!)

Ian surfing

Ian on his surfboard practicing his moves.

Have young kids? Start them off getting their feet wet and playing in the sand. Older kids and teens can learn to wave dive, boogie board and surf, all things we do together as a family.

Seawater has many benefits. It contains vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements, amino acids and living microorganisms that produce antibiotic and antibacterial effects to help promote a healthy immune system. It’s similar to human blood plasma, and is easily absorbed and utilized by your body while swimming. Sea mist is also great for overall health and well-being. Sitting on the shore watching the waves, inhaling sea mist filled with negatively charged ions boosts the immune system. In addition, swimming in seawater opens pores in the skin to allow the absorption of sea minerals and the expulsion of disease-causing toxins from the body.

A word about sensory overload: Ian has gone through summers where we couldn’t keep him out of the water and summers where he didn’t want to go near the beach. When he wanted to stay away, it felt like the noise of the surf, and the chaos of the waves were too overwhelming for him. When he was in this phase, we had him wear headphones and kept our visits short, but went back several times a day.  For us it was important to go regularly to desensitize him to the sound of the waves and feel of the sand.

Ready to hit the waves? In our beach bag I always pack a rash guard, hat, sunglasses, water, 50 SPF sunscreen, towels and a beach umbrella.